As a business owner, you help people every day.

That’s why I became a graphic designer, so you can focus on the important things, like helping your customers.

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First things first

You’ve started something pretty amazing.

You’ve had an idea and you’ve jumped straight into the unknown, now that’s brave. However your business isn’t looking as good as it should.

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Great stuff!

You made yourself a DIY website!

You've spent hours, if not weekends building a website that you’re proud of (I’ve been there).

However you’re also thinking:

You're disappointed with the design
It doesn’t look professional
People aren't getting what you do
It's too difficult to manage and edit

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They’re not easy

Creating and maintaining a brand and website is pretty hard

You’ve had to think about a lot of things, the user journey, business goals, customer needs and objections, structure, buttons, logo, design… the list goes on.

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That's where I come in

Let's make your brand and website awesome!

I’m Ben Hutchings and I’m a graphic designer who specialises in brand and web design. I create better and more efficient brand experiences so you can focus on the important things like looking after your customers and business.

How I can help you

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